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Countertop Installation

Detroit Stone – Countertop installation

The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here! ? After a little more than a week of selections, templating, cutting and manufacturing, your countertops are finally ready to be installed. Our team will contact you to schedule an install date. The installation process can take anywhere between one and three hours, and we request that an adult is home to supervise the entire operation. After the install is complete, you will also be required to make the remaining 50% payment, either via cash, check or credit card. Our installers are conveniently equipped with credit-card readers in-home.

Our technicians will install the countertops according to the initial planning, as well as drill faucet holes and attach the sink. Please make sure that your current countertops are detached from the cabinets. If you want our company to also remove your existing countertops and haul them away, please schedule this in advance; as it does require some additional time and costs. Also, please make sure that your plumbing is disconnected, as we are not authorized to perform any plumbing work.

We always recommend covering your floors as our installers wear steel toe boots, which might damage your floors. Please keep all doors closed as the drilling of the faucet holes and the cutting of cooktops will create a bit of dust. If there are seams in your countertops, the process of gluing the countertops requires the use of epoxy – so please keep your pets and loved ones away from the site as much as possible, so they don’t inhale any of the epoxy fumes. After the installation is complete, please do not hook up any plumbing for at least 24 hours, the silicone between the sink and the countertop must fully cure.

Now, you should sit back and enjoy the view! We’re happy to start planning backsplash ideas with you too.


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