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Countertop After-Care


✔️ Sealing is done by our installers on the day of your countertop installation.
Don’t forget to maintain your new countertops by sealing them again when it’s necessary!


Average time to Re-Seal your countertops

Granite 1x per year
Marble & Quartzite 2-3x per year
Quartz does not require sealing

How to seal countertops:

First, make sure your countertops are clean. Use denatured alcohol or a special stone cleaner, and then dry the surface using a paper towel or non abrasive cleaning cloth.

Next, apply the sealant as evenly as possible on your stone countertop using a non abrasive cloth.

After sealing, you should wait the required time for the substance to impregnate into the stone and close its pores. All products are different, but most require waiting between 10 and 30 minutes before wiping off the excess sealant.

If you start seeing water spots then you know its time to reseal your countertops. First let the water spots dry before applying a new coat of sealer.

cleaning granite countertops

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