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Cottage is a thru-color collection that replicates the look of natural wood enhanced by a slightly distressed texture. The four appealing colors include both classic and contemporary shades and are available in three modular sizes complemented by trims and mosaics.

Cottage is suitable for both commercial and residential applications.

Beach House

Nominal Sizes –  USG1224085ALG ACTIVE LOGO ACTIVE 12″X24″

Nominal Sizes –  USG0624085AC ACTIVE 6″X24″

Nominal Sizes –  USG0624085 6″X24″ BEACH HOUSE 6″X24″

Trims – USG12ST085 STAIR TREAD 12″X12″

Trims – USG612C085 COVE BASE 6″X12″

Trims – USG16OC085 OUT CORNER 1″X6″

Trims – USG16IC085 IN CORNER 1″X6″

Mosaics – USG12M6085 STRIP 1X12 BEACH HOUSE 12″X12″

Mosaics – USG624M785 STRIP 2X24 BEACH HOUSE 24″X6″


Country Farm

Nominal Sizes –  USG0624086 6″X24″ COUNTRY FARM 6″X24″


Trims – USG12ST086 STAIR TREAD 12″X12″

Trims – USG324BT86 BULL NOSE 3″X24″

Trims – USG612C086 COVE BASE 6″X12″

Trims – USG16OC086 OUT CORNER 1″X6″

Trims – USG16IC086 IN CORNER 1″X6″

Mosaics – USG12M6086 STRIP 1X12 COUNTRY FARM 12″X12″

Mosaics – USG624M786 STRIP 2X24 COUNTRY FARM 24″X6″


Mountain Retreat

Nominal Sizes – USG1224087 12″X24″ MOUNTAIN RETREAT 12″X24″

Nominal Sizes – USG0624087 6″X24″ MOUNTAIN RETREAT 6″X24″

Nominal Sizes – USG0424087 4″X24″ MOUNTAIN RETREAT 4″X24″

Trims – USG12ST087 STAIR TREAD 12″X12″

Trims – USG324BT87 BULL NOSE 3″X24″

Trims – USG612C087 COVE BASE 6″X12″

Trims – USG16OC087 OUT CORNER 1″X6″

Trims – USG16IC087 IN CORNER 1″X6″

Mosaics – USG12M6087 STRIP 1X12 MOUNTAIN RETREAT 12″X12″

Mosaics – USG624M787 STRIP 2X24 MOUNTAIN RETREAT 24″X6″


City Loft

Nominal Sizes – USG1224088 12″X24″ CITY LOFT 12″X24″

Nominal Sizes – USG0624088 6″X24″ CITY LOFT 6″X24″

Nominal Sizes – USG0424088 4″X24″ CITY LOFT 4″X24″

Trims – USG12ST088 STAIR TREAD 12″X12″

Trims – USG324BT88 BULL NOSE 3″X24″

Trims – USG612C088 COVE BASE 6″X12″

Trims –  USG16OC088 OUT CORNER 1″X6″

Trims –  USG16IC088 IN CORNER 1″X6″

Mosaics – USG12M6088 STRIP 1X12 CITY LOFT 12″X12″

Mosaics – USG624M788 STRIP 2X24 CITY LOFT 24″X6″



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